Importance of Online Vet Services

Importance of Online Vet Services

Most people are fond of pets and spend a lot on treating them, buying quality food, and insuring their health needs. In the recent past, there has been a lot of emphasis on animal health, happiness, and safety. The services for animals has significantly increased to include options such as health insurance and online veterinarian services.

If you are a pet owner who is particular about the health of the pet, this service is for you and it can help you keep you dog health in check. Below are some of the importance of online veterinarian services.

Assess Pet’s Symptoms Any Time

Anybody who owns a pet has at one point in time been in this situation. Pets seem to find the most inopportune time to injure themselves or fall ill. It is either dead in the night or when you are out on a family holiday. Online vet services will give you the function of being in a position to log online and get to know what is wrong with your pet. Most of these platforms provide blog posts where you can type the symptoms of your pet and get to know the highest probable cause.

Get Vet Help Any Time

After searching the symptoms your pet is experiencing, you can come up with a lot of confusing and unhelpful. Most online vet services give you the option of chatting a vet online to make an assessment. No sophisticated tests can be done online, but the vets have a lot of useful information and knowledge which they can try and assist you to remedy your pet. Most of the services allow the chats to be open the whole day.

These services do not focus only on health care and emergency care, but you can chat with somebody who can assist you with the day-to-day elements of pet ownership. Ranging from grooming to exercise and nutrition questions, you can ask anything. The sites offer experts who assist you with your queries.

Online Prescription

It would help if you kept in mind that this is usually not the case for all the sites, but this may be done online in some cases. Whether you have forgotten your pet’s monthly prescription or you have an emergency to be addressed, it can be done online. This, however, has a lot of restrictions, and you have to ensure you research on different sites to see their offers.

Most sites offer monthly prescription services, and this implies that your usual monthly prescription can be filled and delivered to you. Only specific sites will send a specialist to your home to assess the pet and prescribe it. Ensure therefore that you read up before signing up.

Home Visits at Schedules Times

In some sites, you can pay an annual subscription that includes regular check-ups. You will get regular visits that can be pre-scheduled, or the vet can come to you. If your pet is sick or elderly, this service is ideal. This will save the pet the trauma of traveling and reduces chances of you forgetting about regular check-ups.

Best Dog Food Ingredients

Best Dog Food Ingredients

For your dog to be healthy, you must provide a healthy diet for its daily meal. However, an ideal diet for your dog should be high in protein, low carbohydrates, and moderate fat. You can follow Blue Buffalo (@bluebuffalo) | Twitter to learn facts about pet food. Dog food has ingredient label that you must read before buying the food. Ingredients usually are listed using the descending order that starts with the highest percentage present.

dog foodAs you choose the best food for your dog considers the first top five ingredients because they are the most important. Some of the dog’s food that you can avoid if you find them on the top five elements includes rice, corn, or wheat product. Also, bone meal or meat meal because they can be containing contaminated meat source. However, the following are the essential ingredient that you must consider when choosing the best food for your dog.


There are various sources of protein like chicken, beef rabbit and many more. Most commercial dog food is produced from fresh meat which is dried to remove moisture or from grounded-up parts of the animals.

Therefore, before buying food for your dog identify the content of protein involved. However, most nutritious types of food indicate the name of meat on the ingredient list.

Carbohydrates and Grains

The primary source of carbohydrates in dog’s food is from rice, soya, oats, corns, wheat, and barley. Some dogs have allergies after consuming grains and starches. Some commercial dog manufacture enriches it as a minor ingredient. Grains in your dog’s diet helps to improve the digestive system hence it is vital to be included in your dog’s daily diet.


Vegetables provide sufficient minerals and vitamins to your dog.
They boost the immune system, help in metabolic, digestive system and keep blood and nerves cells healthy. Vitamin B is highly needed which comes in the form of thiamin, biotin, pyridoxine, beta-carotene, and riboflavin. Vitamin E boosts the immunity of your dog. Vitamin A is essential for coat and skin.

Oils and Fats

It is necessary to include fat in your dog’s diet for it gets the required fatty acid. Oil and fats encourage absorption of vitamins, provide flavor and energy. Also, makes your dog look pretty and have a healthy coat. Common fats included in dog’s food are chicken fat, cottonseed oil, pork fat, vegetable oil, fish oil, soya bean oil and many others. High-quality dog food contains fatty acids like omega-3 and omega-6.


The essential ingredient to a dog’s diet is water. There is a high percentage of moisture included in dog’s food. But you should also ensure that you provide fresh water to your dog all the time.


dog foodsPreservatives are added to dog’s food to increase shelf-life and improve food’s taste. Therefore, before you buy the dog’s food, make sure you read the dog’s food label. Confirm that it has natural preservatives like ascorbic and tocopherols acid.


Fruits are the also good source of fiber. However, some of the fruits that you can feed your dog are apples and blueberries. Besides other fruits like grapes and cherries can be poisonous and should be avoided in dog’s diet.