Things You Should Do to Gain Muscles

Things You Should Do to Gain Muscles

Even if you don’t intend on becoming a bodybuilder, it’s essential to train your muscles and strengthen your activities throughout your life. Whether you’re climbing stairs or shopping, building and maintaining muscle mass can also improve your mental health, boost your confidence and help you perform many daily activities better, whether it’s climbing stairs, shopping, or running. If you are exercising at home (push-ups, squats, planks, etc.), you do not need to go to the gym to build muscle because there are safe and effective ways to improve your strength.

Adding Muscle Nation Protein Custard to your diet will help you gain more muscles aside from your protein diet and workout.

Weight Lifting

female athlete fitIf your primary purpose is muscle building, you need to lift heavily three times a week to build muscle effectively. It is known that resistance training with weight lifting is one of the most effective methods to build muscle that exists. Stick to a strength training routine and give your body plenty of time to rest and recover, eat a healthy diet with lots of protein and build muscle mass. Either way, there are many healthy alternatives to weight training and strength training.

If you only train one muscle group directly once a week, your muscles will only grow for a few days with each workout. If you have a full week to work on just one of your muscle groups, you miss out on several additional ways to stimulate growth. If you train all the muscles in a group, you only train them every two weeks. To grow muscle as fast as possible, you need to ready all muscles simultaneously every week, every day.

Count Your Macros

veal meat barbequeIf you are on the lean side and want to gain a lot of muscle mass, counting calories can help you eat enough to grow. If you eat enough calories to grow and lift, you will build muscle faster than lift heavily (see above). When training comes first, heavy lifting is required to gain overall muscle mass and stimulate growth. The first thing that makes us fat is that we consume too many calories, too much fat, and too little protein and carbohydrates.

We eat an excess of calories, which promotes strength and muscle growth. It is well known that consuming additional calories can help build muscle if you continue to lift weights. If you eat the extra calories and don’t overload your muscles by increasing your weight volume and frequency, you can end up gaining more body fat than lean muscles.

Enough Sleep

No matter how hard you train, how hard you lift, or how much protein you eat, you won’t see optimal muscle-building results if you chronically lose sleep. Protein intake is not the only thing the body needs, but it is one of the most critical factors when many build muscle.

Yoga: The Best Poses to Fight Inflammation

Yoga: The Best Poses to Fight Inflammation

At particular times of the year, our body is subjected to an overload of physical and psychological stress. Toxins are likely to invade your body, causing physical and mental fatigue. We know that toxins can be physical and mental, and yoga is a valuable ally to fight them both. Yoga exercises are not that complicated and don’t need heavy equipment.

Physical stress can also result in inflammation because we tend to over nourish the body or do it in the wrong way. Yoga has proved beneficial when it comes to fighting inflammation. Here is how you can use them to deal with this condition.


Let’s start in a sitting position and loosen your back. Sit in a comfortable position on the mat cross-legged and bring the palms of your hands on your knees. Move the chest and shoulders back and forth in the cat position, arching the spine and working on the back’s base, inhale and open the shoulders, exhale, round the spine backward and push the navel towards the spine by compressing the abdomen. You can repeat this severally.

Ardha Matsyendrasana: a Healing Twist for the Body

It is another yoga pose you should try out. Bring the soles of the feet to the ground in front of you then bend the left leg to the ground, accompany the right leg over the left and bring the sole of the right foot close to the left buttock, straighten the spine and then bring the right palm behind the back, raise your left arm and then bring your left elbow or forearm over your right knee, press your left arm against your right knee and open your shoulder, work well with your breath. The inhalation brings the column upward, while the exhalation increases the twist. Exhale back to the center position and then do everything on the other side.

Triangle in Reverse Twist, Parivrtta Trikonasana

Stay on the mat facing left and bring your right leg forward, bring your hands to your hips and squareyoga pose them, the right-hand stays on the hip and the left goes up, inhale, go up and create space between the ribs then flex in forward, the left hand rests on the inside of the right leg, on the ankle, or outside the right leg. Lift your left arm, and create a deep twist, your gaze goes up to the sky, push your right hip back to align your hips.

Bring your right hand to your side, inhale, return, and switch sides. Take a long step forward with your left foot, bring your left hand to your side, lift your right arm straight up and stretch forward, as if you want to grab something far away. Get your hand to the shin, inside the left leg or out of the left leg. Open the left shoulder upwards, enter a deep twist, look upwards, inhale and exhale and push the left hip well back, keep the hips in one line. Stay for five breaths and then lift yourself back to the center position.

Tips for Using Muscle Building Supplements

Tips for Using Muscle Building Supplements

Gaining muscle mass is essential in that it provides you with the much-needed body balance, and you will have the energy to carry out several difficult tasks. Working out is the most preferred way to gain muscle mass. You can also try specific types of diets.You should use them correctly for the best results. There are several tips you should follow that will help you get the best results and keep you free from certain side effects linked to the use of these supplements. They include:

muscle boostersConsulting a Nutritionist

Before using muscle building supplements, you should ask a nutritionist for recommendations since they understand the subject and can create a food plan adapted to your goals. They will also guide you in choosing the supplements that you need. Keep these tips in mind before buying any supplement you need. This way, you will save and not spend money on supplements that do not work or can be harmful. One option is to invest that money in healthy food.

creatine powderStick to a Healthy Diet

To get the best results from supplements, you should not forget to focus on your diet. This does not mean that one day from time to time you can go overboard. Everyone has temptations. It is all about eating in a varied way, a fair amount, at least five times a day. Although it seems like very obvious advice, it is important to comment on it since many still do not take it seriously, even if they know how to eat a healthy diet. For the best results from supplements, you must stick to a healthy diet.

Rest More

The body recovers and grows thanks to the hours of rest. If you want to have an optimal recovery, you should sleep at least 8 hours a day. Keep in mind that a healthy body is achieved based on:

  • 40% diet
  • 30% rest.
  • 30% training.

fitness supplementsWhen you understand the importance of the above points, then you are ready to take supplements. Supplements only make up 10% of the entire process. It is important to know that the supplement will not solve all the problems of poor diet or poor quality training.

Setting up a proper workout plan will help you achieve the best results from your use of muscle building supplements. You should not just use them and sit idle as you expect certain results.

How to Choose the Best Workout Bench

How to Choose the Best Workout Bench

There are different types of fitness equipment that you can purchase for your home gym. These include treadmills, weights, waist trainers, and workout benches, among others. A workout bench is one of the essential pieces of gym equipment that can help people achieve their fitness goals.

You should select a workout bench that is safe for use and one that meets your budget and fitness needs. You can improve your well-being and achieve your fitness goals by ensuring that you have all the gear you need for your workout activities. The following are the essential factors that you should put into consideration when purchasing a workout bench:

Workout Capacity

a bench equipment

You should select an equipment that is strong enough to support your weight, height, and strength. It is, therefore, essential to check the maximum weight that the equipment can support before making your final purchasing decision. Most benches are designed to support  a weight of 300lbs to 500lbs, but high-end equipment can support up to 1,500 lbs.


Most of the flat workout benches are made of quality materials, making them more durable. In addition to this, these benches don’t have moving components like hinges found in the adjustable benches. Equipment with moving parts and more mechanics is quite expensive to maintain.


There are two types of workout benches: adjustable benches and fixed flat ones. Adjustable equipment are more versatile than flat benches ones, making them more suitable for individuals who want to perform different types of exercises. Flat benches are cheaper than adjustable ones, but they offer few options for exercise. In general, you should determine your fitness needs before choosing a workout bench.


bench equipment

The backrest is an essential component of a workout bench. This is the part that enables one to do his exercises correctly and comfortably. It is also important to check if the workout bench has comfortable and decent looking seats. If you are looking for adjustable equipment, you should ensure that it can be adjusted easily and comfortably.

Ease of Moving Around

Does your fitness room have enough space for gym equipment, or are you planning to use your workout bench while traveling? These are some of the critical questions that you should ask yourself before investing in a workout bench. Adjustable benches take less space than the fixed ones making them an excellent option for fitness rooms with limited space and individuals who are planning to move around with their equipment while traveling. On the other hand, flat benches are light because they have few moving parts or components.

A Fitness Guide for Lovers

A Fitness Guide for Lovers

What is better than being healthy and staying fit? The answer will be to achieve those goals with our significant others. Involving our loved one in a fitness program can give us a motivation boost. Besides, doing sports together can improve intimacy and sex quality.

Couple’s Diet Program

veggies and fruitsIf we talk about fitness, we should also talk about the nutrition. And there are be no dietary programs that are determined by a person’s sex. In other words, you and your partner can cook the same meal and eat it together.

However, if you both are aiming at different fitness goals, then you may need to consume different foods. For example, if a woman wants to get lean, a low-calorie diet is necessary. And if a man wants to build muscles, he will need high protein meals. But if you both are going to try a balanced diet with minimum efforts, you can try Nutrisystem plans for men and women. The company will arrange your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can forget that cumbersome calorie counting because Nutrisystem will do it for you.

Indoor Exercise Programs

indoor exerciseIn theory, you can do all the exercises together with your partner. But there are some programs designed specifically for couples. Let’s start with yoga poses for couples.

There five beginner-level yoga poses that you can practice with your lover: partner breathing, partner twist, temple pose, twin trees, and double-down dog. These poses are effective in improving your body’s flexibility and blood circulation.

The second program is for a couple with medium to advanced level of fitness. You guys have to try CrossFit for couples. It is a high-intensity exercise that can guarantee fat burns and shredded body build. Watch this video below to learn the full regimen.

Outdoor Exercise Programs

lovers on marathonWhen you both are confident with your body, it is time to explore the outdoors. Cycling and jogging can be good starter exercises. They allow you to train endurance and maintain blood pressure. But if you are seeking thrill, then you can try some extreme sports together.

Wall climbing is going to be your best bet. It is an exercise that requires all muscles to work together. You must have a strong core, arms, and legs. And once you reach the expert level, you can try cliff hammocking.

Your second option will be scuba diving. Nothing is more adventurous than exploring the deep sea. And in addition to the recreational reward, scuba diving is also among the most efficient exercises. We have to control our breathing. To generate a flip from the fin, we have to make the muscles in our stomach and legs work simultaneously. Moreover, science has proven that diving can significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

How to Jump Rope for Weight Loss

How to Jump Rope for Weight Loss

It is important to note that jumping rope is one of the activities you can decide to take if you want to strengthen your heart muscle. Also, this is another exercise you can take if you want to burn calories. If you have problems with your weight, then this is the best exercise that will help you to reduce your weight. However, before you commence any training, you are required to consult a doctor for more clarification on how to conduct this type of an exercise.

If you are planning on how to have good endurance, then this is the best activity that will work best for you. You can run with your robe for just a few minutes, and this will improve your daily life. When you are practicing on jumping rope program, the key secret behind this activity is to be consistent and make sure that you increase the training time. By doing so, you will easily improve your stamina, and you will quickly achieve your weight loss goals.

The following are some of the best ways that will help you on how to jump rope for weight loss.

Plastic or beaded rope

beaded ropeWhen you are looking for a jumping rope, you need to know the exact type of a rope to purchase. This is because there are many different types of jumping rope you will find in the market. You will realize that most of the plastic ropes are more durable compared to cotton ropes. That is why you need to choose plastic ropes because of their advantages, and they are very easy to use.

Measure the rope to your weight

If you want to start the jumping rope program, make sure that you use the best rope that will create a more intense workout. Therefore, before you choose a rope, ensure that you choose one that fits your height. When measuring your string, you need to stand in the middle of the rope while the handles should go beyond your armpits.

Jump on a wooden floor

wooden floorYou need to know where to conduct your exercises after you have purchased this type of a jumping rope. It is advisable to consider jumping on a wooden or waxed floor because this will help your lower body for the impact of jumping. Avoid jumping on hard surfaces such as concrete because it might end up putting stress on your knees and you will this will later lead to injury.

The Relevance of a Fitness Tracker

The Relevance of a Fitness Tracker

Regular exercises are essential in keeping your body in good shape and free from illnesses. It will help burn excess body fat which is a common trigger of some lifestyle diseases. There are various types of fitness exercises you can try. Jogging is one of the most practiced activity by many.

It is important to keep track of your fitness activities to understand your progress better. There are different devices you can use to keep track of your fitness practice. The most commonly used ones include the fitness watches and step counter pedometer. The pedometer is a digital device that helps count the number of steps taken during your jogging or running exercises.

Step counter pedometer uses advanced technology to detect the movement offitness tracker your hips and hands and gather the number of your steps. You can buy them in selected shops and different online stores. The fitness watch is another useful device you can use to keep track of your regular exercises.

It has features that can help monitor the condition of your body while exercising like checking on your heartbeat rate or even calories burned. Some will also tell you the distance covered during your jogging routine. Using a fitness tracker can be of great importance, especially to your fitness routine. Here is why you should have one.


One good thing about fitness trackers is that they will give you a proper evaluation of all your exercise practices. Once you set your goals, you will get all the results you need to understand the progress of your workouts. This will help you reach all your goals and gain the fitness necessary for the well-being of your body.


Using a fitness tracker can also motivate you to keep going with your exercises. If you set your goals right, you will achieve them fast. Take an example when you intend to cover 10 kilometers, but your fitness watch indicates only 6 kilometers covered. Looking at it will give you the morale needed to complete the remaining distance.


Fitness tracking devices will keep you personally accountable for your fitnessfitness watch schedule. You are responsible for whatever decision you make. Understand that you are only competing with yourself and if you want the right results you should stick to your workout plan. By keeping you accountable, it will encourage you to stick to your fitness plan.