Yoga: The Best Poses to Fight Inflammation

At particular times of the year, our body is subjected to an overload of physical and psychological stress. Toxins are likely to invade your body, causing physical and mental fatigue. We know that toxins can be physical and mental, and yoga is a valuable ally to fight them both. Yoga exercises are not that complicated and don’t need heavy equipment.

Physical stress can also result in inflammation because we tend to over nourish the body or do it in the wrong way. Yoga has proved beneficial when it comes to fighting inflammation. Here is how you can use them to deal with this condition.


Let’s start in a sitting position and loosen your back. Sit in a comfortable position on the mat cross-legged and bring the palms of your hands on your knees. Move the chest and shoulders back and forth in the cat position, arching the spine and working on the back’s base, inhale and open the shoulders, exhale, round the spine backward and push the navel towards the spine by compressing the abdomen. You can repeat this severally.

Ardha Matsyendrasana: a Healing Twist for the Body

It is another yoga pose you should try out. Bring the soles of the feet to the ground in front of you then bend the left leg to the ground, accompany the right leg over the left and bring the sole of the right foot close to the left buttock, straighten the spine and then bring the right palm behind the back, raise your left arm and then bring your left elbow or forearm over your right knee, press your left arm against your right knee and open your shoulder, work well with your breath. The inhalation brings the column upward, while the exhalation increases the twist. Exhale back to the center position and then do everything on the other side.

Triangle in Reverse Twist, Parivrtta Trikonasana

Stay on the mat facing left and bring your right leg forward, bring your hands to your hips and squareyoga pose them, the right-hand stays on the hip and the left goes up, inhale, go up and create space between the ribs then flex in forward, the left hand rests on the inside of the right leg, on the ankle, or outside the right leg. Lift your left arm, and create a deep twist, your gaze goes up to the sky, push your right hip back to align your hips.

Bring your right hand to your side, inhale, return, and switch sides. Take a long step forward with your left foot, bring your left hand to your side, lift your right arm straight up and stretch forward, as if you want to grab something far away. Get your hand to the shin, inside the left leg or out of the left leg. Open the left shoulder upwards, enter a deep twist, look upwards, inhale and exhale and push the left hip well back, keep the hips in one line. Stay for five breaths and then lift yourself back to the center position.